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Luis Villasanti, President of the Paraguayan Rural Association

Representing local farmers

Luis Villasanti, President of the Asociación Rural del Paraguay, talks to Leading Edge about livestock and farming in Paraguay, and its potential for trade and investment

The making of a mighty meat market

Leading Edge in coversation with Luis Pettengill, President of meat processors Frigorífico Guarní; he speaks about factors which have facilitated recipes for success in the Paraguayan meat market as well as obstacles met along the way

Commitment to Paraguay

Sudameris has accompanied the growth of Paraguay during the last twelve years. It has gained enough market share to reach an average share of about 7%. We speak to its Director, Sebastien Lahaie about investment flows and the progression of the Paraguayan banking sector

Exploring new markets

Paraguay and Russia develop an unprecedented agenda for business and investment integration

Paraguay – South America’s new factory

Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s Minister of Trade & Industry, talks to Leading Edge about bolstering Paraguay’s industry through clearly defined regional and international strategies