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All dressed up and with places to go

The garment industry in Bangladesh has been the biggest contributing factor to its spectacular growth. It is now undergoing a shift towards more value-added, ethically-made products. BRIEFING   In the 1983-1984 fiscal...

A leading company bulit on quality

M. Anis Ud Dowla, Chairman of Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI), one of Bangladesh’s largest and most successful companies, provides an insight into his firm’s activities in pharmaceuticals, agribusinesses, fast-moving consumer goods and retail.

Working on export diversification

Interview with H.E. Tofail Ahmed, Minister of Commerce: "Our exports are already much higher than other countries of similar economic size. We expect our exports to peak at $41.5 billion in the fiscal year 2018-2019, and to reach the $60 billion mark in 2021. to achieve that objective, we have set up excellent policies to attract investment.”

Making things happen

Garments, and particularly ready-made garments (RMG), have been a phenomenal engine of growth for Bangladesh. Today, the country is the world’s second largest RMG producer after China, according to the World Bank, and apparel comprises 83% of Bangladesh’s exports. It hosts around 5,000 RMG factories which employ more than four million workers.

Making banking accesible to all

Interview with Mohammad Shams Ul-Islam, Managing Director and CEO — Agrani Bank Limited: "In terms of economic development, Bangladesh is a miracle. Today, thanks to the hard work and resilience of our people, we are one of the leading emerging economies in the world. (...)"