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Agriculture: room to grow

Agriculture holds critical implications for Bangladesh’s major macroeconomic objectives,  including employment generation, poverty alleviation and food security.

Powering growth in manufacturing

Interview with Rabiul Alam, Chairman — Energypac: "Energypac, widely regarded as a pioneer in Bangladesh’s power and engineering sector, began its journey in 1982. Over the past three decades it has established itself as the country’s leader in providing end-to-end power solutions."...

Meeting power demand

Interview with H.E. Nasrul Hamid, Minister of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources: "Across the world, clean energy is receiving more and more focus. Many countries are working towards expanding production of renewable energy. It won’t happen overnight, but overall I don’t see why Bangladesh should be any different. We are building liquid-fuel power plants, gas-based power plants, high-tech coal power plants and nuclear power plants."

The new energy mix

Power supply in Bangladesh is a dynamic game that keeps players on their toes. Fast growth has  meant fast-growing demand and authorities are chasing more megawatts through investor-friendly policies.

Healthy prospects

Diversification away from the garment industry is at the top of the agenda for the manufacturing sector. The pharmaceutical industry offers exciting opportunities for investment and exports. IN-DEPTH   With an average...