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A leading business enhancing lives

British American Tobacco Bangladesh provides a pioneering example of how the private sector can help the country achieve its development goals.

Empowering individuals, communities and the nation through CSR

Index Group is helping to bring economic, social and environmental change to Bangladesh through its commitment to a wide portfolio of innovative corporate sociale responsibility programmes.

The new entrepreneurial standard

Interview with Shafiullah Al Munir, Chairman — Index Group: "We are trying to bring about a new era in the power sector and the liquid petroleum gas (LPG) sector. We are establishing LPG-fired power generation units, which will increase the total inward demand of LPG, pull up the market and create more space to expand in the sector."...

A turn in the road

Since a tragedy called the attention of the world to working conditions in Bangladesh,  the tide began to turn in favour of more corporate social responsibility.

Developing sustainability in farming

British American Tobacco Bangladesh’s promotion of technologies and practices, such as integrated farm management, is bringing benefits to farmers, the country and the environment.