A Saudi-Sudanese synergy

The Sudanese government predicts that Saudi investments in Sudan will increase to $15 billion (US) in 2016, up 4 billion from $11 billion in 2015. H.E. Osama Faisal Elsayed Ali, (OF) Sudan’s State Minister of Investment, talks to Leading Edge about the importance of the relationship


LE: What major projects are currently underway in regards to implementing the Arab food security initiative in Sudan?
OF: Agriculture and livestock productions are now at the forefront of the government’s agenda due to rapidly growing international demands for food. However, we are also promoting our other fields of investments and these include the mining sector, small and medium-scale industries and an array of services sectors that can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of investors.
There is a wide range of investment opportunities in Sudan due to the diversity and multitude of resources that abound in the country. It is important to point out that we embrace strategies that aim at catering for the needs of Sudan as much as we try to satisfy regional and global markets. We are continuously adjusting priorities with our various areas of investment in order to suit ever-developing needs.

LE: What role would you like to see Saudi institutions play in financing more development projects in Sudan and strengthening economic partnership between the two countries?
OF: Certainly the economic and commercial movements between Sudan and Saudi Arabia are growing and developing rapidly. We are inclined to believe that the implemented schemes and projects will contribute favorably to supporting our labour markets at all levels. Furthermore, we look forward to achieving high levels of cooperation particularly in regards to infrastructural projects and other major partnerships between both countries’ private sectors, in the name of mutual interests. Such a trend will contribute towards exploiting the multiple resources that are available in Sudan and will satisfy the needs of Saudi Arabia and other regional countries that look for agricultural and other products.

LE: What new commercial activities would you like to see generated in the next 3-5 years, in order to increase Sudan’s economic growth performance?

OF: Saudi FDI in Sudan will continue to stimulate job creation, forex generation, value deepening, employment, training, local sourcing and technology transfer. In the coming period, we expect an increase in trade exchange between the two countries, especially as regards animal fodder, meat and other types of agricultural products.