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Osvaldo Formento, General Manager of Farmacéutica Paraguay (FAPASA)

Global competitiveness in pharmaceuticals

Farmacéutica Paraguaya (FAPASA) has over 40 years’ experience in the development, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals in Paraguay and is a leading exporter.
Oscar Harrison, President — Quimfa S.A

The prescription for growth: investing for export

Quimfa, part of a group controlling 70% of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Paraguay, started manufacturing in 2014. Its plant is now one of the most important in South America.
paraguay soya field

Soya spearheading Paraguay’s impressive food export offer

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ report The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2015–16 states that Latin America has become the top net exporter of food in the world. In spite of producing less that its neighbours, Paraguay’s agriculture sector exports heavily and is the fifth-biggest soya exporter in the world and the fourth-biggest of soya oil.
Itaipu dam on river Parana Paraguay

Towards an industrialised economy

A series of incentives designed to encourage companies to move their production to Paraguay is having the desired effect on foreign and domestic investors, in turn boosting the country’s economy.
Itaipu dam , Hydropower electricity

Paraguay: pioneer in renewable and hydroelectric energy supply

Paraguay generates the highest percentage of renewable energy per capita in the world and is the fourth-largest electricity exporter worldwide, surpassed only by France, Germany and Canada. The country has the capacity to produce five times its national electricity requirements and contains the plant that generates the highest volume of hydroelectric power on the planet.