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Soybean field

Agribusiness a step closer to international competitiveness

Exports of products from soya beans to meat have traditionally underpinned Paraguay’s economy. The government wants to keep momentum going, and is also encouraging investment in newer products for the country like rice and various seed oils, only too aware that agribusiness also presents great benefits for national social inclusion.
Presidential Palace in Asunción

Improving the investment climate

Under the country’s previous administration, foreign direct investment (FDI) fell by 60%. The new government’s policies have built up confidence and turned the situation around. In just three years, the country has increased FDI levels by 25% to hit 1.5 billion dollars, according to BCP. Indeed, investors have every reason to be upbeat: CEPAL states that the average return on investment in Paraguay in recent years has been 22%, with even higher returns seen in sectors such as finance and real estate. The country has reformed its income tax system and introduced a programme of public-private partnerships to promote FDI.

African Leaders call for “Partnership not Support” at Africa Business and...

Their message was loud and clear: Africa requires partnership, not support.  African Heads of State insisted they have a clear mandate to work with both public and private enterprises, to ensure the business environment is favorable and attractive to the international business community.

ADfB President briefs diplomatic corps in Côte d’Ivoire on progress and...

African Development Bank President briefs diplomatic corps in Côte d’Ivoire on progress and perspectives for Africa’s development. Adesina calls for strong support to the Bank’s General Capital Increase   Abidjan, Côte...

Lord Boateng talks with Leading Edge about investment opportunities

Rt Hon Lord Paul Boateng is a leading figure on Africa’s development and a member of the UK House of Lords. Here he talks with Leading Edge about trade and investment opportunities available ON the continent…