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Paraguay comes into its own and connects with the world

While Latin America’s economic giants, Brazil and Argentina, are suffering a slowdown in their economic growth, Paraguay continues to thrive, thanks to sound macroeconomic policies and fiscal discipline

Horacio Cartes, The People’s President

In 2013, Horacio Cartes was elected as Paraguay’s new President. Three years later, the results speak for themselves. He talks to Leading Edge about principles, policies and priorities
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Paraguay: A South American powerhouse rises

A feature on the state of economy in Paraguay Throughout all the instability the country has seen since the impeachment of former President Lugo, and even during the years of...

Interview with his Excellency Horacio Cartes, President of the Republic of...

“Before we were in the heart of the continent but this heart was not beating; now we are the beating heart of South America and I consider this one of our greatest achievements.”