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A recent statement from the Paraguay Central Bank: Remarkable economic growth

"Paraguay has a nice history to tell. Paraguay's economy is projected to grow 3.5% in 2016, which could be revised upwards taking into consideration recent developments in short-term indicators...

Sudan’s economy awakens

Sudan has undeniably suffered some seismic shocks to its economy in the past decade: namely the global financial crisis and the succession of South Sudan in 2011, which led to Sudan losing more than 80% of its oil fields. But the country has stood up, brushed itself off and has taken important steps to diversify its economy and fund sources in order to bolster its income through other sectors.
Eduardo Marques Almeida american development bank

Brothers in arms

Eduardo Marques Almeida, the Inter-American Development Bank’s Representative in Paraguay, explains the work of the IDB in terms of aiding the productive transformation of the country
paaguay manufacturing industry

Becoming the regional factory

Paraguay is opening the way for new investment in the manufacturing industry, demonstrating that it is a dependable, stable and competitive destination
pharmaceutical industry in Paraguay

Betting on innovation

Oscar Harrison & Justo Ferreira, President & General Manager of Quimfa/Grupo Harrison, respectively, share their thoughts on the pharmaceutical industry and medical care in Paraguay