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Coca-Cola: 50 years’ progress in Paraguay under the wing of Paresa

Paresa (Paraguay Refrescos SA) has been operating in Paraguay for 50 years and was the first bottling plant in Paraguay to be authorised by The Coca-Cola Company   I N  ...

Interview with Gustavo Leite, Minister of Industry and Commerce of Paraguay

Leading Edge speaks to Gustavo Leite, Minister of Industry and Commerce, about the country’s exports scene and unique competitive advantages for investors

A construction industry thriving on increasing competition

Mohamed Gento Kamara is CEO and Country Director of Gento Group, an indigenous Sierra Leonean company that has developed an impressive reputation in the country’s construction industry. Here, he provides Leading Edge with his experienced views about current and future developments in Sierra Leone’s infrastructure sector.

Jordan PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate – Location, infrastructure and service

Interview with Sheldon Fink, Chairman and CEO, PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate PBI Aqaba develops and manages Aqaba International Industrial Estate under a concession contract, which means that you are a big...
Expo Paraguay event

A cattle fair and much more

This year marked the 35th annual EXPO Paraguay event, a trade fair uniting an international mix of those working in the livestock, industry, agriculture, commerce and services sectors