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Making banking accesible to all

Interview with Mohammad Shams Ul-Islam, Managing Director and CEO — Agrani Bank Limited: "In terms of economic development, Bangladesh is a miracle. Today, thanks to the hard work and resilience of our people, we are one of the leading emerging economies in the world. (...)"
Jordan's highways bridge at night

Five reasons to believe in Jordan

Smart, progressive and flexible, Jordan has been named the business capital of the Levant. In recent years, the country’s business environment has experienced significant changes in its complexity, competitiveness...
Ahmad Amoudi General Manager, CRIF Jordan

Unlocking Credit

Interview with Ahmad Amoudi General Manager, CRIF Jordan How did the establishment of a Credit Bureau by CRIF come about? In 2010 the Credit Bureau Law was passed by Parliament in Jordan. A...
Kamal G. Al Bakri General Manager of Cairo Amman Bank

Mr. Kamal G. Al Bakri, Cairo Amman Bank: Banking on technology

Interview with Kamal G. Al Bakri General Manager, Cairo Amman Bank The banking sector in Jordan has remained strong as a result of the Central Bank of Jordan’s (CBJ) conservative policies. But...

Sudameris: growing with Paraguay

Sudameris Bank is one of Paraguay’s leading financial institutions, and owned by Abbeyfield Financial, based in Ireland. The group comprises international bankers with years of experience in investment banking, and its main activity is financial advisory services.