Leading Edge’s partnership with The Union of Arab Banks (The UAB)

Leading Edge is proud to announce our recent partnership with The Union of Arab Banks (The UAB).


LONDON, U.K – In the construction of in-depth analyses of the investment environment of key emerging markets, Leading Edge is thrilled to have interviewed and elaborated a partnership with the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, Mr. Wissam Fattouh.


With full financial, administrative and organizational autonomy, the UAB is considered the true representative of the Arab banking and financial community, and the major supporter to Arab banks and financial institutions as well as the Arab mutual banking institutions. The Union comprises today more than (330) Arab banking and financial institutions and Joint Arab – Foreign institutions, making the Union the largest banking and financial consortium in the region.


Playing a vital and leading role in developing the Arab banking industry in line with the international changes and the necessities of the Arab region, the UAB has always been calling for the development of the functions of Arab banks and financial institutions in the direction of universal banking, in order to ease from the constraints of functional and sectoral specialization.  It has fostered its position as a platform for the Arab banking sector on international and regional levels, where international and regional financial, economic and banking institutions cooperate with the Union to execute projects and initiatives that enhance the Arab banking and financial industry.


This partnership will encourage the expansion of Leading Edge’s coverage on numerous Arab markets which are advancing with positive steps to boost foreign direct investment, providing readers of Leading Edge Investment Guides access to extensive market navigation and significant case studies of success.