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Paraguay waterway river

Paraguay: the logistical transformation of cargo transport

Paraguay is on a mission to become an epicentre of logistics in its part of South America. Its location, economic growth and plentiful waterways all point to the country being able to achieve this goal.
Carlos Morinigo Director of Terminals and Portual Logistics

Going with the flow for transport and logistics

Since 2009, Terminales y Logística Portuarias has been storing and distributing vegetable oil, petroleum products and other fuels throughout Paraguay via land and, increasingly, water.
Francisco Rivas Quevedo — General Manager, CIE S.A.

No limit to the application of metal mechanics

CIE S.A. is a company that supplies goods and services to the metal mechanics sector, focusing on the fields of energy, transport, construction and industry. CIE S.A. serves both the national and international markets.