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Osvaldo Formento, General Manager of Farmacéutica Paraguay (FAPASA)

Global competitiveness in pharmaceuticals

Farmacéutica Paraguaya (FAPASA) has over 40 years’ experience in the development, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals in Paraguay and is a leading exporter.
Oscar Harrison, President — Quimfa S.A

The prescription for growth: investing for export

Quimfa, part of a group controlling 70% of the pharmaceutical distribution market in Paraguay, started manufacturing in 2014. Its plant is now one of the most important in South America.
pharmaceutical industry in Paraguay

Betting on innovation

Oscar Harrison & Justo Ferreira, President & General Manager of Quimfa/Grupo Harrison, respectively, share their thoughts on the pharmaceutical industry and medical care in Paraguay
President of Scavone Laboratories pharmaceutical paraguay

First-class pharmaceutical production

Oscar Vicente Scavone, President of Scavone Laboratories, in conversation with Leading Edge on the industry in all its facets