Barcelona Investment Guide 2016

The upcoming Leading Edge Investment Guide Barcelona 2016


[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]T[/eltdf_dropcaps]hanks to its port and its geography, Barcelona has always been a city of meetings and exchange, with a rich business culture and a long entrepreneurial and creative tradition. Its economic engine has generated a migratory ow that has given the city the demographic importance that it now has and has established some values of freedom, prosperity and culture that have turned it into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe, without it losing its stability or its strong character. Although Barcelona has built up over thousands of years, its restless and non-conformist nature makes it a young, entrepreneurial, open-minded and tolerant city.

The city has many indisputable assets, including:

  • A solid logistics and communications infrastructure with great possibilities of growth.
  • A dynamic industrial fabric that rapidly adapts to exportation and globalisation.
  • First-class academic institutions and research centres with a growing capacity to attract international talent.
  • Blossoming activities in the elds of technology, virtual economy, biotechnology and online entertainment.
  • The Barcelona Model of Architecture and Design.
  • A world-class health care system, both public and private, at the vanguard of medical research.

Today’s Barcelona ranks among the best cities of the world in terms of quality of life and also gets recognised as a business-friendly environment. Open to talent and impact investment, the city’s business community is committed to sustainable growth, with an emphasis on value-added products and services.

Leading Edge Barcelona Guide 2016 will delve into the all these advantages to deliver a comprehensive and detailed overview of the city to an exclusive and targeted global audience.
We will incorporate the opinions of the people behind this vibrant economy: local entrepreneurs, expert researchers, foreign talent working in the city, cultural trendsetters, and all the people who make Barcelona such a special destination.