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It’s Sudan’s time to communicate

We hear what Dr Abdelrahman Mohamed Dirar (AM) — Chairman of telecommunications company and internet service provider Sudatel — has to say about how important the arrival of the sector has been to Sudan and why investors in this industry should strike while Sudatel’s iron is hot

The company preserving Sudan’s colourful telecommunications past

Sudatel is a company which stepped into Sudan’s telecommunications market in the early 90s, and went from strength to strength, culminating in listings on the Khartoum and Abu Dhabi stock markets. It is a great support to the growth of the Sudanese economy and hungry for future growth itself, and yet it is determined to remember where the country and the company have come from to get to where they are

A data centre to rival all others

Inaugurated in 2015, the Sudatel Data Center (SDC) offers services and technical capabilities that are second-to-none. It is the most secure and reliable in all of north, east and west Africa
comesa funding agreement with sudan

Sudan, COMESA sign €2.9 million funding agreement

Sudan will receive 2.9 million Euros from the COMESA Adjustment Facility (CAF) between 2016 and 2017 following the signing of a grant agreement with COMESA. This is an addition to a similar facility of 1.2 million Euros signed in May last year.